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Looking for a Any Type
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Next to st... for rent Merlin House, 2 Napier Road, Ponders End
£1050 pcm
£1100 pcm
Good Locat... for rent Beechwood Mews, Church Street
£900 pcm

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Welcome to Property imatch. We’ve created a clever platform, for everyone involved in the property market. We’re a low cost online agent, giving you back control of your property, or your property search. Whether you’re looking to rent, buy, sell, or rent a room, we have buyers and tenants looking and sellers and landlords searching. Property iMatch is the clever way to discover the world of property!

Search and Find Your Next Home or Rental

We make it easy to search through listings and find exactly what you're looking for in your desired location. Whether you're looking for a home in the centre of London or in the Suffolk countryside, simply fill out the search form and get a list of properties that are for sale or for rent. Then connect with the seller or landlord to coordinate a time to tour the property in person.

Allow Landlords to Find You

Have you ever wished that your dream home would find you while you're just going about your day to day life? Well, that can happen if you use Propertyimatch. If you want landlords to find you, you can set up a profile that's searchable on our website. Landlords with properties available use our site to find tenants that match their expectations. By creating a profile, you'll make it easier for landlords to find you, and this will make it easier to find the home you're searching for.

Getting Started is Easy

Landlords and vendors can purchase one of our affordable packages to search for tenants. But buyers and tenants can register on Propertyimatch for free and create a complete profile that will get to work right away in helping you find your ideal property match.

Selling and renting property online has never been more efficient, and our site has made it a simple care free process when it comes to looking for a tenant or home throughout the UK. Save money on fees that you'd otherwise spend on a real estate agent and instead use us as your online resource.

What Our Customers Say

home_bottom_open The service Property iMatch provides is second to none. It is so easy to contact landlords or agents about a property and thats exactly what I did! Thank you iMatch! Brad P home_bottom_close

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