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Tips for your first student house venture

So you might be thinking, first term isn’t even over yet and you’re just getting comfortable in your halls of residence, but time flies at university, and you’ll soon be completing your first year. It may seem too early to think about living arrangements for your second year only a short time into your first, however, as your lecturers will tell you, the sooner you start something, the easier it will become. You may be putting off assignments to the last minute, but if you put off finding yourself and your friends a home, assignments will no longer be an issue! That’s why we’ve put together these helpful tips on the sometimes scary move from halls to your first student house.

You’re probably just getting comfortable in your all-inclusive halls of residence, and the thought of moving into a house were you will have to pay bills and tidy up after yourselves (applicable to those whose halls of residence comes with the handy addition of a cleaner!) might be quite scary! That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get into your first student house – the first step is finding a house for your group of friends, and we aim to make this as stress free as possible by offering a no-fees tenant’s search service. You may have heard horror stories from your second and third year friends about the nightmare of their first student house, and the on-going struggle that is the relationship between students and estate agents. Take note of these tips to steer clear of these easily avoidable situations to ensure you have a pleasant experience with your first student house!

1. Start early! We can’t stress this point enough – make sure you aren’t stuck with moving into a property you don’t love by ensuring you start your search early, this way you can be sure you have enough time to view several properties before making an important decision. Whether it’s just a room you’re looking for, or a house for a group of friends, they get snapped up very quickly, so give yourself the peace of mind of knowing you have plenty of options by starting early!

2. Who are you going to live with? Once you’ve decided to be proactive and start the house hunt early, the next step is figuring out who you want to spend your second year living with. Maybe you’ve made a close group of friends in halls or on your course? Or maybe you want to try something new and move in with a new group of people. Whatever your preference, ensure you are happy with who you are going to be living with. If you are looking for a new group to move in with, universities often have notice boards in their accommodation office, meet with people looking for housemates with an open mind and you might just stumble across the perfect housemates!

3. Location, location, location! Where do you want to be based? Location is key, you might want to be a short walk from campus, or perhaps you wish to be closer to the town centre. Whatever your preference of location is, make sure it’s not too far from campus, and everyone you’re going to be living with is happy with it – this will make your search a lot easier!

4. BUDGET! Our final point is possibly our most dreaded, but the reality of moving out of halls and into a house could mean you have to look more carefully at your budget, especially if your student house isn’t inclusive of bills. Make sure you work out a rough budget to be sure you can pay your rent and any other bills or outgoings. TOP TIP: Ensure you get the relevant paperwork from your university to prove your student status, this will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to council tax.

Here at Property iMatch we pride ourselves on having the best match property for any specification. Our easy to use, free service will help to eliminate any stresses caused by student life, and give you no reason to worry about fees as we offer a completely free service for tenants!

Better yet, create a tenants profile with us and your dream home could find you! With our landlord tenants search, your future landlord could find you! What could be easier than telling us what you’re looking for and your future landlord finding you! Why not contact one of our friendly team today to find out more about how we can help you find the perfect solution for student living in your second year of university! Alternatively, start your search now by visiting our Find a Property search page.

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