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Top tips for renting your property

At Property iMatch we know how stressful it can be renting your property and finding tenants suitable for your property. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide of top tips for renting your property:

1. Prepare your property: prepare your property for viewings, thoroughly cleaning and making sure any appliances are in good working order will give potential tenants a lasting good first impression.

2. Set a competitive, but reasonable price: research what similar properties are being rented for in your local neighbourhood and community. Potential tenants will be searching around for a deal so make sure your pricing well reflects what you are offering.

3. Screen tenants carefully: the tenants living in your property will be those responsible for paying rent. Make sure you complete background and credit checks on tenants to ensure they are reliable.

4. Furnished or unfurnished? As a landlord you will need to decide whether to offer your property furnished or unfurnished. Typically, unfurnished is more popular for tenants, but as a minimum you should provide good quality carpets, curtains and light fittings.

5. Provide good information: finally, once you have your property ready for renting, create a tenant’s guidebook containing all the important contact information your tenants may require. It would also be helpful to include any instruction manuals for appliances in the property.

Furthermore, using Property iMatch to advertise property to rent can take away additional stresses. There are no costly agent fees involved, saving you time and most importantly money, making our service a no brainer! If you’re a landlord on the hunt for the perfect tenant for your property, our simple Tenant Finder search tool will make this process a whole lot simpler. Our Tenant Finder tool will allow you to locate individuals looking for a property just like yours – what could be easier! Advertise property to rent privately, no agency fees and no hidden costs, just simple, stress free renting!

For a limited time only we are offering a free trial to any new signs ups! Sign up for a free trial today and begin to see how easy and hassle free renting your property can be!

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