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Rent a Property Privately with no Agency Fees

If you're a landlord on the hunt for the perfect tenant, use our simple search form to locate individuals looking for properties just like yours. Eliminate the need for online letting agents and gain full control, whether you're letting a property in London, in the suburbs, or in any other area of the UK. Rent your property privately, No agency fees for landlords, no hidden fees, simple, hassle free renting.

How to Find a Tenant

Our site is easy to use. People who are looking for properties to rent create profiles so that landlords like you can find them. When you search through our listings, you'll be able to locate individuals who have specific expectations and needs, even better no agency fees are involved, and you can read through their profiles to determine if they'd be the ideal fit for your property and your own expectations and requirements. If you've always had trouble finding the right type of tenant in the past, this could be the best way to avoid future problems.

Using the Search Form and Latest Tenants Section

Advertise your property to rent then to search for tenants, simply fill out the form on this page, which will help you locate tenants that are looking for a property just like yours to rent. Set your criteria, including whether you allow smoking or pets, as well as if you require references. You can also set the budget range so you only look through listings for tenants who will be able to meet the price you're asking.

Don't forget to check out the latest tenant profiles, too, as you can contact these individuals directly to minimise your search time.

Add Your Own Listing

Our site also allows you to list private lettings online to gain the most exposure and make it even simpler to acquire tenants. After all, the sooner you can rent out your property, the sooner you can start making money on the space, so you don't want to waste any time.


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